The 3rd edition of the Golf 101 book was developed for individuals looking to get started properly in the game of golf. In this book you will learn key fundamentals on the grip, aiming, posture, putting, chipping, pitching, full swing and sand shots.

What sets his book apart, is the clear and colorful illustrations. They make learning essential golf topics like safety, rules and etiquette more effective and fun. This book also goes to the basics of basics and shows you things like, what is a bogey, what is a birdie, par or eagle? How do you tee up a ball? Who plays first? How do you read the green? What is club fitting? etc.

In 2019, the rules of golf changed dramatically. This 3rd edition has updated and simplified the most common rules for the junior or beginner golfer to easily understand.

Cartoon character, Bob Dimpleton, plays the role of Master Golf Instructor. He, along with his son Bobby and daughter Betty, impart their many years of golfing knowledge and wisdom throughout the book. Bob's teaching style stimulates the brain with creative challenges, questions and subtle humor throughout.

This is a great first book for kids, grandchildren or adults taking up the game for the first time. If you look at the cover, you may think Golf 101 is targeted for kids but it is an equally valuable book for adults. Young kids enjoy the creative cartoon images but the written word is more appropriate for ages 10+.

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The Dimpletons are a golfing family with a lot of character. They are positive role models dedicated to helping beginner golfers all around the world.

Master Golf Professional, Bob Dimpleton and family are out to change the world, one smile at a time. If there is something the world needs most right now, it is a light-hearted chuckle. "Nobody can deliver this better than the Dimpletons" says Bob, from his home at 444 Lookout Drive.

Bob adds, "Our family goal is to help beginners with instructional spots on the Golf Channel and then share our love for the game with live appearances at select PGA and LPGA Tour events".

The Dimpleton Family


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Mark Kuhn has been a PGA Class 'A' Professional since 1999. He has taught 10,000+ lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced golfers. His passion for teaching golf is deep and helping beginners get started properly is one of his greatest joys!

Author and Illustrator - Mark Kuhn

In 2005, Mark wrote and illustrated the first edition of Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton to help beginners prepare properly for the course. After selling 30,000 copies to fellow PGA Professionals, it became apparent that this kind of information was still needed.

Even today, there is so much information on golf available through YouTube videos, books and other social media outlets. What isn't so easy to find is all the essential beginner information packaged in one short, easy to read book. This is where Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton fits in.