"Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton is an excellent education resource for PGA Professionals to use in their junior golf programs. The book is well received by kids - it provides them with a lot of necessary key information that they need to learn to play the game. Congrats to author Mark Kuhn on a job well done!" Henry Brunton - GOLF Magazine Top 100 teacher

Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton is a fantastic and simple way for beginner golfers to learn the basic fundamentals of the game." Richard Zokol - PGA Tour Professional

"This book is the perfect tool to help a new golfer understand all aspects of the game of golf. The simple descriptions and illustrations are thorough, humorous and encouraging. It's a "must have" for all junior and beginner programs". Tina Bradley Mayers, PGA

"Golf's a game and it should be fun. The Bob Dimpleton way will help any beginning or junior golfer enjoy the game, and improve at the same time." Lorne Rubenstein - The Globe and Mail

"Those books were great! We gave them out as part of our prize package to over 70 of our junior golfers this summer, and they loved them. The particular camp we used these books for was for our week long program for kids ages 7-11 so it was a perfect introduction for them to golf topics you explained in "Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton". The brightly colored pages catch their attention and the cartoon you used was great...they all seemed to love this kind of thing." Lisa Procter - Sunningdale Golf & CC

"We were very pleased with the Golf 101 books as my assistants and I used them as a teaching tool for our junior programs and we found them very useful at our resort as a great introduction book for our customers who were just getting started in golf. We Highly recommend these books to all golf courses as it only helps us all in teaching beginner golfers what the world of golf is about so they may not feel intimidated when they show up to play at the golf course." Billy Kulyk, Head Professional - Riverside Golf Resort

"This season I started an "Introduction to Golf" program at our club. I gave each student a copy of your book for the class. Not only did this help each student start off with the game, it also gave me a wonderful resource so I could cover all aspects of golf for a beginner. It was also well received by each student. I would and have recommended your book to other PGA Professionals." Eric C. Shillinger, PGA Professional

"I would highly recommend Golf 101 to anyone that has an interest in golf or anyone wishing to understand more about the game." Earl Fritz - Executive Director of the CJGA

"I used the Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton books as an integral part of my junior clinics. I handed the books out the 1st week of our program and asked the juniors to read with their parents. Each week, we would then discuss a section of the book. The last week of the program I tested the children on information from the book. I also found parents asking questions about information found in the book or saying, "I never knew that!". What a great way to teach new golfers the basics of the game." Rick Pero, Head Professional - Tillsonburg Golf & CC

"Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton is the perfect instruction aid for young golfers. I have been hosting junior golf programs at our course for 3 years and had been looking for material to assist with these clinics. The rules of golf and etiquette needed to play the game are essential when introducing youngsters to the game of golf, Golf 101 uses creative ways to simplify and also to illustrate this to young golfers. The book also solidifies the fundamentals of the golf swing that we are teaching new golfers. I would highly recommend this book for any junior program!" Will Snodgrass, Director of Golf - Miller Memorial G.C.

"I decided to pass the copy of your book that you sent me around at the final tournament day for my ladies golf clinics. Many are new golfers, and there are a variety of ages of the women. My suggestions were to buy this for their kids, or grandchildren, or even themselves. Many loved the book, and we had orders for 44 of them in 2 tounament days. Not only is this a great book for young golfers, it is great for new golfers!" Glenn Fox - Unionville Golf Centre

"The Bob Dimpleton book is perfect for the beginner golfer. It is easy to understand and the illustrations are perfect." Tim Sawatzky, Head Golf Professional - Sirocco Golf Club

"We started to use Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton in our beginner golf schools to add value and to help students understand rules, etiquette and basic fundamentals. As we all know, learning the game of golf can be very frustrating and intimidating. Golf 101 with Bob Dimpleton is simple, fun and educational. Not only are we going to continue to use it for adult beginners programs, but we will fully implement it into our very popular Future Links Junior Program!Thanks BOB DIMPLETON!" Michael Todd, CPGA - Stone Tree Golf & Fitness Club

"This year we had 148 participants in our summer Junior Golf Program. We gave each participant the Golf 101 book. The majority of our kids are ages 8 to 12, so the age range was perfect. We used the book in the first lesson to explain basic rules and vocabulary in golf. Then the kids were to take the book home and by the 4th lesson, come back and tell us something they learned from the book. It worked great, and almost everone had something exciting to tell us that they learned, whether it was a rule or just something funny. Many parents even commented that they learned something!!! Overall, we felt the book was a very useful tool for our beginner golfers. Andrea Wieland - Oak Ridge Golf Course, Milton WI

"Not only is Golf 101 a great introduction for Juniors, it provided for an excellent guidemap for our weekly programs." Troy Dickson - PGA

"If I was still teaching golf today, I would offer this book to my students. It's fun, simple, and loaded with good information." Ken Lea - Head Professional