Golf 101 Book - Page 13

Page 13

What is a chip shot?

A chip shot is a low shot, mostly played from the fringe (within 5 yards of the green). Even though you can putt from off the green, the chip shot allows the ball to fly over the fringe before it lands on the green and rolls to the hole. This can make it more accurate than putting, especially if the grass around the green is long or the ground is rough.

For chipping, it helps to grip down on the club and place more weight on your lead foot. The stance is narrow (about 1 clubhead wide) and the hands are slightly ahead of the ball.

Play the ball back in your stance and create a pendulum motion with the shoulders arms and club moving as one unit. The image of Bobby's character is visually accurate. Observe Bobby's setup and pendulum motion very closely.

Notice there is no significant wrist motion and Bobby shifts his weight towards the target in the follow through. The club approaches the ball on a steeper angle due to the ball position being back and Bobby having more weight on the lead foot. This minimizes the amount of grass that gets caught between the clubface and ball for a more consistent contact.